Friday, May 9, 2008

Travian Cheats (Internet)

What is Travian?

As the main page says, Travian is a browser game with a world full of thousands of users who all begin as the leaders of small villages. I believe it is a bit more than that. It is a competitive game where you build a mighty empire and destroy all who stand in your way! . . . . perhaps that is not the best description, but it fits it well enough. The point of this game is to build up your puny little village into something less puny and little, while managing to not be raided of all of your resources.

Here is some "cheats" and general hints for the internet-based game, Travian.

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-A Great Tactic Using Crannies

*It is possible for Crannies to achieve a max level of 10. They can save 1000 resources (Level 10 = 2000 resources for Gauls).

*Build up your warehouse, granary until they both save 5000 of your resources.
Meanwhile, you your production stays high (around 250 or 300 per hour).
Build 3 crannies and upgrade them to level 10 (when Teutons attack you they are able to steal 33% of your resources!).

*Get your main building up to level 10.
*Build a rally point.
*Build Barracks and upgrade them to level 5.
*Upgrade your warehouse and your granary until they become eligible to save 10,000 resources.
*Keep upgrading your fields until you are producing 500 or 600 per hour (make sure your crop resource stays high).

Later, as you build an army, you may then break down the crannies whilst your army defends.

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